About LPL Retirement Partners

LPL Financial provides retirement-focused advisors with the specialized support, tools and services they need to exceed your expectations as a key client. Advisors affiliated with LPL Financial possess a unique competitive advantage distinguished by the opportunity to collectively share insights with other leading retirement plan professionals.

Through LPL Financial advisors have access to a broker/dealer and registered investment advisor that specialize in retirement plans and wealth management and understand the changing financial and regulatory environment as well as the needs of advisors and their clients. LPL Financial advisors are also supported by one of the most experienced research teams among independent brokerage firms: LPL Financial Research.

Our Team

The LPL Financial Research team consists of seasoned and accomplished industry veterans, comprising one of the largest and most experienced research groups among independent brokerage firms. Our goal is to be your advisor’s trusted partner.

The team is under the direction of the LPL Financial Chief Investment Officer who is committed to setting the vision for superior research, assuring the integrity of the firm’s pursuit of objective investment advice, and creating an environment that fosters intellectual curiosity, thought leadership and innovation. With this guidance, the team is tasked with:

  • Identifying above-average investment opportunities, conducting ongoing and thorough due diligence while providing quality advice with complete transparency
  • Performing quantitative analysis, performance measurement, attribution and appraisal of our advice, and
  • Delivering timely communications and service.

Our Standards

Freedom: Your advisor has the experience, which can be combined with some of our offerings, to construct and manage your retirement plan needs and pursue your firm’s goals by using any element of the spectrum of our research guidance and advice.

Communication: Staying informed is a key to being a successful investor. Our team writes publications and commentaries to keep you abreast of the latest policy impacts, market trends, investing ideas and macroeconomic viewpoints. Additionally, some of these pieces can be shared by your advisor with your participants.

Service: We support your advisor with our dedicated ASK Research team to provide details on our market positions and investment scoring methodology.

Approach: We employ time-tested, rigorous analytical methods strengthened by a research environment that fosters integrity. We strive to deliver optimal performance and continually improve and expand investment processes, service and perspectives on the ever-changing investment landscape.

Commitment: By dedicating all of our time to providing resources for your advisor, the goal is that they have more time and resources to dedicate to you.

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