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Benchmarking Your Plan

Department of Labor regulations under ERISA, and specifically section 408(b)(2), require that plan sponsors obtain fee disclosures for their plan and that all such fees be “reasonable” for the services provided. But how are you supposed to determine fee reasonableness on your own? You’re not. We are here to help!

Employing multiple benchmarking solutions, we provide employers with comprehensive reporting to sift through the confusion and frustration of understanding and monitoring provider fees, investment fees and share class selection.


Our solution can help you document a thorough and objective process and reach well-informed decisions. Understanding the complex world of retirement plan fees is paramount for plan fiduciaries. We have been advocates of fee transparency since we opened our doors over 25 years ago. 


Characteristics of our Approach


Primary Driver
Fees and Value Based Fee reasonableness can only be determined by considering what you're getting for what you're paying
Current- REAL PLAN Data Decisions supported by stale or "mock" data could be misinformed. We use only real provider data, no incomplete form 5500 or publically available data.
"Apples-to-Apples" Comparisons For conclusions to be valid, benchmark groups should be comprised of similar plans. Your plan will be compared against plans with similar demographics and services.
Independent Comparison Data To avoid all potential conflicts of interest, we utilize data provided from various benchmarking companies that are independent of our firm and your service provider. This is the prudent way to measure your service provider fees.


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