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Maximizing Plan Design

“What’s measured improves.” - Peter Drucker


401kAIM utilizes a plan design optimization process that is unique to each client. The key theme of this process is that better plan design leads to better participant behavior and better outcomes. This patented process helps plan decision makers find the right plan provisions that will give their employees the best chance of retiring comfortably for an amount the employer can afford. The data is valuable to HR and Finance teams as it considers the various important business issues that should be addressed when examining plan design. It provides insights to your plan and employee base that you have never seen before.

This report’s patented method meets STAR Quality standards. This means it is:

Simple, so it can be understood

Transparent, so it can be verified

Actionable, so it delivers concrete value

Responsive, so it addresses client needs


Based on emerging behavioral finance trends, you may be considering the following plan design changes to help your participants along the road to retirement readiness.
However, most employers lack the concise data to make informed decisions. Our process will give plan fiduciaries the data to make informed plan design decisions and best help your employees’ achieve a dignified retirement.