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Rethinking Investments

Source: Putnam Investments. 8% return is average of yearly returns over the 10 year period. This example is for illustration purposes only and does not reflect performance of any particular investment vehicle.

The selection and monitoring of your retirement plan assets is a fiduciary process that requires a well-designed and well-documented process.  At 401kAIM the process begins with your investment policy. We design your investment menu utilizing a risk-budgeting process since each asset class will have a different expectation of return.

We harmonize the investment menu or asset allocation to ensure that your plan has strong managers that complement each other work well as a whole.

Our process utilizes the concepts of behavioral finance, improves participation and contribution levels, improves participant satisfaction with the plan and helps ensure better investment choices by participants.

Our investment consulting services take into account your philosophy as a plan sponsor and your participants’ demographics to determine the right investment menu that will provide diversification without overwhelming participants. The key principles of our independent investment philosophy are to:

  • Incorporate participant behavior into the decision-making process
  • Take risk where it is most likely to be rewarded
  • Mitigate downside risk
  • Value the consistency of returns over the volatility of returns
  • Non-traditional asset classes can provide diversification, reduce volatility and potentially enhance return
  • Expenses matter
  • Design the investment menu as a coherent whole, not just a series of asset classes
  • Provide opportunities to reduce risk as participants near retirement

QDIA Selection - Managed Accounts, Target Date & Risk Based Funds

QDIA options including target date funds, risk-based portfolios, managed accounts and income replacement solutions continue to gain popularity with plan sponsors and participants alike.

The challenge from a fiduciary’s perspective is understanding how to evaluate, choose and monitor these complex products.

401kAIM provides plan sponsors with a framework for QDIA decision making that will help you determine:

  • Should one or more of these choices be offered in your plan?
  • What should be considered when comparing multiple products?
  • What is the best way to provide ongoing oversight and benchmarking?


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