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Retirement Plan Services

Plan success requires more than just a traditional suite of advisory services. We proactively and consistently address the challenges employers face in managing a retirement plan while striving to maximize employee success.

Protecting and Educating Our Clients

401kAIM is committed to providing employers with solutions and education to assist them in mitigating their liability. We assist plan sponsor fiduciaries with fiduciary risk management strategies. Our ERISA Investment Fiduciary status enables us to help plan sponsors maintain high fiduciary standards.

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Employee Financial Wellness

We have spent decades developing a comprehensive Financial Wellness Program that leverages behavioral economics research and combines reliable technology with personal support to assist employees in achieving more successful retirement outcomes. 

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Maximizing Plan Design

We utilize a plan design optimization process that is unique to each client. The key theme of this process is that better plan design leads to better participant behavior and better outcomes. This patented process helps plan decision makers find the right plan provisions that will give their employees the best chance of retiring comfortably for an amount the employer can afford.

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Benchmarking Your Plan

Employing multiple benchmarking solutions, we provide employers comprehensive reporting to cut through the confusion and frustration of selecting and monitoring retirement plan providers.

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Retaining and Rewarding Key Executives

We can assist you in developing programs to recruit, reward, and retain your most highly qualified and valuable employees.

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Rethinking Investments

The selection and monitoring of your retirement plan assets is a fiduciary process that requires a well-designed and well-documented process. At 401kAIM the process begins with your investment policy. We design your investment menu utilizing a risk-budgeting process since each asset class will have a different expectation of return.

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